Ignite My Fire(BoyxBoy)

Ignite My Fire(BoyxBoy)

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Ashley Diamond By Bleeding_wing Updated Oct 06, 2017

"You better watch your back, kid. Someone like yourself around so many predators is bound to end badly."

 Twenty year old Micah Enderson moved with his mom from up North to Texas. He wasn't looking for trouble, but a male feline shifter coming in to contact with top predators? This was going to end badly. Will our pretty little kitty avoid getting eaten, In more ways than one?

*Warning: 18+*

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valiant-baker valiant-baker Mar 19, 2017
Literally Kansas. It's 84° today and just two days ago it was about 34°
Fanroder Fanroder 20 hours ago
I’m still going to imagine him like that.. He’s one of the few guys I find attractive
ChrisErwin ChrisErwin Jun 10, 2017
Sounds like nawlins baby you don't like the weather just wait it'll change
CarassiusSkeleton CarassiusSkeleton Nov 26, 2017
One day it's 30 degrees, and then the next it's 70... it's hecking ridiculous.
CheshireKillings CheshireKillings Feb 28, 2017
.................must ask why the name Micah?
                              XD thats my brothers name whose 6 years younger than I
Luna_di_Angelo Luna_di_Angelo Mar 17, 2016
Sounds like Michigan! One second it's sunny, then it's cloudy, then it rains and the rain turns into snow. Start the cycle again and you have wonderful Michigan