Naruto x Reader One Shots

Naruto x Reader One Shots

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lavender scott By xolavender Updated Dec 06, 2017

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A bunch of Naruto x Reader one shots including:

Side note: I do not own Naruto, all rights to the owner. I do not own you either, but I do own the text and plot and the writing/ what not. Have fun!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Xox - Lav

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ScarletZTrash ScarletZTrash Jul 02, 2017
He's shooken that I look like a live potato with brown hair.
JaycieSings JaycieSings Jan 08
You're not hurt, are you, s c a r e d y  c a t 
                              Kurama/ Naruto's  P.O.V.
                              NO WE'RE NOT HURT BUT YOU ARE IF YOU DONT SHUT UP DUCK-TEME!
0Aunt_Marki-plier_0 0Aunt_Marki-plier_0 Jul 13, 2017
"Your not hurt are you? Scaredy cat"
                              YoUr NoT hUrT aRe YoU sCaReDy Cat >^
tylerisnotamazing tylerisnotamazing Jun 27, 2017
Lmao just add an a at the end of my name and boom I'm Rina Rin(a)
ScarletZTrash ScarletZTrash Nov 20, 2017
"A boy approaches you."
                              *INTENSE POKEMON BATTLE THEME PLAYS*
Iris-the-gamer Iris-the-gamer Jul 26, 2017
Sasuke: you're not hurt are you...scaredy cat?
                              Me:*insert spongeBob meme* YoUrE nOt HuRt ARe YoU ScAreDy CAt?