Alcor Cipher - demon! dipper - paramountcy falls au

Alcor Cipher - demon! dipper - paramountcy falls au

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"is it better to out monster the monster?"

chapter 1, part 1; I promise

Dipper and Stanley stood in front of Bill, within his throne room. The other pines and friends were all fighting teeth, 8 ball and all the other punks following bills order.
"I have had enough of you, Bill! you have wronged this town and I wont tolerate your b*llsh*t anymore!" Dipper shouted.
"oh, and how are you planning on killing me?"
"with this, ya punk!" Stanley shouted, opening his hand to reveal the magical dice that Stanford had retrieved.
"and if it fails?" Bill shuffled in his seat, his triangular body enlarging in excitement.
"then we surrender" Dipper sighed, knowing the chances of failure was high.
"deal" Bill chuckled, body igniting as Stanley threw he dice up in the air.
Dipper's hand tightened around the sword Stanford had gifted him before they had gone to war.
the dice clanked on the floor and finally stopped, its side's symbols changing for one more time before it stopped.
a human silhouette appeared on the side and the demon shrieked.
Dipper ran forward without a second thought.
Bills body flashed white before revealing bill in a human form.
metal met metal, the sword piercing bill and his throne.
Bill's last words came out as a whisper so that only Dipper could hear.
"well played...

...Alcor Cipher"

this is NOT transcendence au.
transcendence au is where dipper leaves mabel after the first season after being betrayed by mabel who opened the portal, when dipper turns to bill and invests in him to become a demon and as either a replacement or an embellished game-piece to bill's new plan. 
HOWEVER in this book it's more of an add-on to the weird-pocalypse so I'll call it... paramountcy falls.
paramountcy meaning 'more important'. this references to MY precess of dipper becoming a demon and also to part 2, in which power has a large role to play. and before you blame me for ruining the story line, the word power is very open to interpretation.

I gasped and then choked on air and now my eyes are watering
*dice rolls on panda silhouette* *bill turns into a panda*
                              Me: *fangirls and squeals of cuteness* NA DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE! SEE!!! I WASNT CRAZY!
You only need the light when it's burning low,
                              Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,
                              Only know you love him when you let him go.
                              Only know you been high when you feelin' low,
                              Only hate the road when ya missin' home, 
                              Only know you love him when ya let him go.
                              And you let him go...
Everyone commented DUN DUN DUN and all I can think of is DOOWEEOOOOOOOO!!!
SpaghettiForPapy SpaghettiForPapy Sep 25, 2016
                              I- I thought Dipper's real name was Mason..