Love Is Like A... Question Mark?

Love Is Like A... Question Mark?

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Coquettes By Coquettes Updated Oct 09, 2011

This is a series of short answer (one liner) interviews with various Wattpadians.

The interviewees will simply be asked to complete a series of Sentences which I will start.

For example, I will tell them.

"Love is like a cupcake..."

and it will be the interviewees job to complete the sentence.

"Love is like a cupcake... if you have too much at once it'll make you sick."

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doberrs doberrs Nov 03, 2011
Awww... this is adorable! :) a very clever idea -- well done.
WickedOne WickedOne Oct 17, 2011
Thank you for the dedication! Speaking of the cover though, I'll be sure to fix the 'L' real soon :) if you ever run out of willing participants I'd also be happy to participate :D
Emilygirl Emilygirl Oct 16, 2011
Uh... /raises hand i'd be willing to do this... if you want... =3