The Other Side : Myths & Mortals 《 Monsta X 》

The Other Side : Myths & Mortals 《 Monsta X 》

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「 n a r a 」 By ReineNara Updated Sep 03

{ Unpublished chapters are under heavy edit attempted to extend the contents }

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Inspired by novel/movie: 
The Mortal Instruments


There is another world beyond what she knows - A world where the legends linger, where the creatures roam, where the magic awakes, where the dark dwells.

Mirana had been born into darkness ― a darkness that she must break free of before it annihilate her. But she is not prepared for the danger that will come. Until a new reality set in, she knows she can trust no one. And yet she is drawn to the boys who seem to both threaten and protect her. 

Fractured by violence and power struggles, she is forced to make a hard choice ― a choice between good and evil. A choice between life and love.

This is not the time to surrender. Now is when the fight will begin ― if only she can face what must be sacrificed.

"Care too little, you'll lose them.
Care too much, you'll lose yourself. Betray or loss, what is your choice?"

  • changkyun
  • hoseok
  • hyungwon
  • hyunwoo
  • jooheon
  • kihyun
  • kpop
  • minhyuk
  • monstax
  • shownu
  • starship
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InspiLoveuCarat InspiLoveuCarat Oct 30, 2016
Yeah  I'm still gonna read it even if you change the characters I'm looking forward to readit 😍😍😍
ownkim ownkim Dec 20, 2016
Lol yeah I stan them too,too much 😂 😭 
                              Mortal instruments tho 😂
Uhh , I love song Alive . I still didn't finish Moorim School tho.I started watching it when ep started releasing but bc of school I couldn't finish
CherryxbabyJ CherryxbabyJ Sep 13, 2016
Wuahhh....i dont care about uour grammar..all i care is do your welll that it
random_person67 random_person67 Sep 19, 2016
I saw it says it was inspired by the mortal instrument so I clicked