Life Magic

Life Magic

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Leo Petracci By Leoduhvinci Updated Feb 12, 2017

There exist seven forms of magic.  And there exist six races, each given mastery of one of the forms and a basic understanding of the others.  Together they built great cities, were ruled by great kings, and raised great wonders.  After centuries of peace and good fortune, old forces begin to stir, and the locks on ancient cages begin to loosen.

As the world teeters on the edge of chaos, only a precious few directed by the veiled hands of a mysterious puppeteer can stop the forces of Death-forces exiled into the darkness, with a ravenous lust for revenge.  Join these crusaders as they discover the hidden histories of the land, the magic and, most importantly, the hidden histories within themselves.


If you like Harry Potter, Avatar The Last Airbender, Wizardry, or Fantasy, then you'll love Life Magic!

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PinkyKawai123 PinkyKawai123 Apr 25, 2017
Omg why am i loving this i said to my mind when i havent started reading i will just read this for the night i will only finish 1 chapter and now im excited for the 2nd its 1 am here at my place the author of this book is great and awsome cool 😎
- - Jun 10, 2016
Quick question, why isn't the word gifted in italics? Isn't that how thoughts are expressed?
nafoozie nafoozie Jun 12, 2016
Ahhh yisss, foreshadowing. I was hoping that airship would come up again!
Stryka_Aus Stryka_Aus Jul 31, 2016
Sorry, this lost me, do you mean they could have absorbed others magic? A little unclear.
mandabword mandabword Jul 26, 2016
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Natalie221227 Natalie221227 May 04, 2016