Darkness Meets Light

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twerkinstyles By twerkinstyles Updated 7 months ago
17 year old Jessamine Taylor has just recently moved to California after her parents both get job promotions. She's very excited, being that Cali doesn't seem much different than New Jersey. The only thing that catches her off guard is one of Hamminton High School's bad boys, Harry Styles. Something is different about this boy, and she wants to find out.
@TheaBruun9 thx so much❤❤ im prob gonna go check it out.
I found the story on a website called: onedirectionfanfictions.com or onedirectionfanfiction.com (I can't remember if it's with or without the 's') and on that website you just search 'dark' and the author is called H28. :)
I don't think the story 'Dark' is on wattpad.. I found it on a website called: onedirectionfanfiction.com you just search for dark and I think the Luther is called H28. :)
Is Dark a H.S fanfic? I found one and it has Harry in it and the orig author is Hannah?
the author doesnt have wattpad account. Someobe just posted the story here but of course with authors approval 
who's the author of dark I can't find it I will love u if u tell me