OBSYDIA ϟ Barry Allen

OBSYDIA ϟ Barry Allen

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Obsydia Anastasia Nikolina Clarke is an intelligent young woman, with a dark past and a hidden secret that only she and a few select people know about. 

She'd like to keep it that way. 

For the past two years she's been rehabilitating in Starling City's Facility for the Mentally Unstable; keeping up with college assignments and trying to recuperate. 

When she was young, her mother and father had been happily married- and had been close friends of the one and only Dr. Harrison Wells. That was until her mother died in a bombing incident caused by none other than the Trickster himself. Her father, trying to make advancements in science, lost his mind, and used her as a test subject- in which he tested all his experiments.

Learning of the abuse and torment, Harrison Wells takes Obsydia under his wing after turning her father in to the CCPD. 

She was the daughter he never had, and he was the father figure she had needed; after fourteen years together, she moved for college, and now that her PTSD is under wraps again she's ready to start living her life. 

She's ready to experience the moments she never got to live, and now that she's in Central City she's submerged in her journey to find the source of enlightenment. 

Her answer lies in the hands of him; the scarlet speedster, the man behind the mask of the Flash, the man she was never supposed to fall in love with; Barry Allen.

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