Frozen Scales (Rewrite)

Frozen Scales (Rewrite)

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Ash By ashfan23 Updated Aug 24

"I hate grey. Grey is the distant bitter memories, of a once better life."

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The world I saw was full of color. Every turn and every path brought me down wondrous roads. Everything was happy and joyous. Friends and family were all around me. Love and friendship wrapped their arms around my world. That was the world I saw. The world I see now, is nothing but a dull, painful grey. All those memories,  friends, people, family, fun, joy... are now too grey.

"I like Tsumi more."

"I wish you were my shadow, Tsumi."

"Let's play Tsumiichi!"

That day, all the colors from my  world faded. All the happiness became a terrible ache of crippling lonliness and despair. All those fond memories became strangers, bitter and distant. I can't take it anymore. I need to escape and go far far away. To a place where color once again runs through life.

I know this summery sucks, sorry.

Kai_Kushiro Kai_Kushiro Aug 21
The rewrite is beautiful. I read your the other Frozen Scales book it was very good too.
Wow the rewritten story is more sadder than the original! oh please update!
i was tricked in the beginning 
                              i dont like that
                              ps praise the lord for akashi, riko, and teppei
This is really good and touching....I hope you can update soon!
1_STATIC_1 1_STATIC_1 Jan 07
Update plz  >^<  (but so take your time) 
                              I love what you've done with the story so far!!
Wolfena Wolfena Jan 07
Yay an update ^_^ man I love the rewritten version so far please update soon