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Beautifully Abused!

Beautifully Abused!

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Darkstaroreo By Darkstaroreo Completed

Meet Ariella a girl who has triumphed over losing her parents, rape, prostitution, drug addiction and attempted murder. She now runs a legal prostitution business and has been celibate for over a year. As the new year begins she has sworn off men who are dangerous but can she keep her promise. 

After meeting a man who solicits real feelings from her after years of abuse she has a moment of weakness and sleeps with him a few times. When she realises the truth about his career she realizes she needs to move along but what started out being easy isn't so easily undone. Especially when the man has left something of himself behind. 

A gift, a feeling a need, her first orgasm and first feeling of something real in her short 20 years and it was with a Mob Boss. A man she swore never to allow in her life but her actions have consequences. Will she be able to navigate these New tricky waters or drown at sea at the hands of the ruthless man she had grown fond of.

Who sell a thirteen year girls to erase your debt those people are monster
You see Ariela never have a chance the foster parents they were monster
Excuse me *coughs* underboss I think she said that....BITCH ARE YOU CRAZY
Oh my gosh women you don't know were that blood could have gone especially if it's unprotected and in as nasty of a place as a PUBLIC bathroom
Oh you left something behind because your stupid ass didn't put a condom
Know he doesn't it your body but you should tell him I don't support abortion though