Waiting For You (Phan)

Waiting For You (Phan)

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andrew rannells tho By mostlyme- Updated Sep 05, 2017

Dan Howell has always been bullied for whatever reason. He doesn't try to stay out but he's picked on my almost every bully in school. His dad owes huge debt to a huge black market that isn't going to show any mercy. On top of all this Dan is trying to find a friend, someone he can talk to for once. He never talked to Phil Lester. He was always shy and sat in the back of the class, but what will happen when the two finally meet?

Credit for the ordinal plot idea and cover goes to @blackcatkilljoy.

Trigger warning: Self harm and attempted suicide

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starryphil starryphil Jul 14, 2017
can someone rip my eyes out of their sockets with a melon baller
Nickledumbthehoe Nickledumbthehoe Aug 30, 2017
On my bus in the front it's the good kids in the back it's the ew kids and I got to the bus a bit late one time and I had to sit near the back and they were talking about how gay was horrible and shut and I was like o
King_Georgelll King_Georgelll Jun 30, 2017
Ok so whatever I see when I see one of these is...oh so just another phan story that's possibly the same plot as every other phan story...
YourLucidNightmare YourLucidNightmare Jun 03, 2017
SomeOfTheTimeLow203 SomeOfTheTimeLow203 Jul 12, 2017
I'm listening to Message Man right now. ARE YOU FREAKINGN SERIOUS
InnovativeUsername InnovativeUsername Aug 26, 2017
Wow, you know it's bad when you go to add a book to your library and it's already added...