Symphony [MXM]

Symphony [MXM]

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sym•pho•ny [símfənee]
(Plural sym•pho•nies) 
Complex musical composition: a major work for an orchestra, including wind, string, and percussion instruments, usually composed in four movements, at least one of which is in sonata form.

Alejandro is what you would call a prodigy, a musical genius. Growing up as a blind student of the piano had always been hard. He'd had to prove time and time again that he was worth the effort, and eventually clawed his way to the top.

But his handicap threatens to shatter his future dreams and aspirations. How on earth is he supposed to play in a symphony if he can't read music?

There comes help, there comes hope, and there comes the biggest compromise in the form of love from another man.
Cover by @Anzella

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razberihun razberihun Jan 31
I also play the clarinet!!  I’m actually very good and I’m not shy to say that I’m one of the best players (it’s like the one thing in actually good at so I mean)
otis2B otis2B Jun 25
Master moved to help Al to his feet, watching as the two siblings left the studio.
otis2B otis2B Jun 25
Al joined in with one hand and they finished the piece together.
otis2B otis2B Jun 25
Might have the Master call him Alejandro, have his sister call him AL, and Leo call him Andi or a nickname. Something that can always make him smile. Help define who is talking to alejandro at the time.
I’m sure the clarinets are playing too.... it’s just very hard to hear us
otis2B otis2B Jun 25
The abstract blur of colors he saw everyday, bringing on a headache, as usual.