The Golden Opportunity (Goldie X Reader Sequel)

The Golden Opportunity (Goldie X Reader Sequel)

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The Yellow Balloon By TheYellowBalloon Completed

Please read 'Nobody's Perfect but I'm Golden' before reading this one to understand what's going on.

(Y/N) has been kidnapped by a mystery person. No one has any leads on where she may have been taken or who took her. Gold has one idea, but no one will bother to listen, thinking he just wants to blame someone in his time of sadness. Three months have gone by and no one knows the whereabouts of (Y/N). Will they ever find her? Will it be too late? 

How will Gold deal with this situation?

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It's purple guy 
                              Sorry had to throw that in there
                              😂 haha
You have to work hard to have the good stuff you know you deserve,if you don't work hard for the good stuff then it's like your proving you don't deserve it.
                                               O    R
                                               MIKE (The story said he was a badass)
                              I'm not yours
                              You don't own me
                              Now go back to bed
                              And never find me
                              Stop wasting your time 
                              Looking for me
                              Or else I'll tell you to your mommy and your daddy! XD
Sometimes the best thing to do is wait and do nothing at all-By me
                              Not helping but good examples
                              I not dead outside only inside