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I guess you gave me hope (Destiel)

I guess you gave me hope (Destiel)

171K Reads 7.2K Votes 14 Part Story
Lotte By lotspot Completed

Castiel is an Angel of the lord but when his brother Gabriel is called away on a mission of heaven, Castiel is forced to be normal. This involves going to school where he meets the dashing Dean Winchester.

SweetBlasphamy SweetBlasphamy Dec 06, 2016
Omg my first Destiel and these comments ALREADY HAVE ME CRYING
Ye u literally pulled him out of hell r u actually blind Cas
If a story has good grammar and spelling, I'm already in love
The description sounds like a good idea because Cas was completely clueless when he met the winchesters.  Imagine some random person in a trenchcoat walking up to you and being like "Hello, I am an angel of the lord who is being kept in this pig sty you call Earth.  Bow down to me mortal." xD
*That moment when you remember a non important fact that had nothing to do with nothing but it bugs you that they got it wrong* "excuse me bítch but it's Cassiel"
Ok but since when has Dean said anything even remotely close to this?