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I guess you gave me hope (Destiel)

I guess you gave me hope (Destiel)

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Lotte By lotspot Completed

Castiel is an Angel of the lord but when his brother Gabriel is called away on a mission of heaven, Castiel is forced to be normal. This involves going to school where he meets the dashing Dean Winchester.

He is the man you gripped tight and raised you from perdition
....when ur gonna comment how you have french first but your past self already did^
Let's hope Dean doesn't losechester him later in the story 
                              Haha right?
                              Hah ok bye
I've watched 7 1/2 seasons in two months. This is my first destined Vic and I'm SO ready!!!
How the hell would you Dean know that? Did he randomly go onto the internet and look up angel names, or is Castiel a well known angel name and I'm over thinking this
The description sounds like a good idea because Cas was completely clueless when he met the winchesters.  Imagine some random person in a trenchcoat walking up to you and being like "Hello, I am an angel of the lord who is being kept in this pig sty you call Earth.  Bow down to me mortal." xD