Facsimile (In Editing/On Hold)

Facsimile (In Editing/On Hold)

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1AnonymousGirl By 1AnonymousGirl Updated Nov 04, 2011

In a small town somewhere in South Dakota, a population of only about one thousand stands. When the teenagers of the town begin to go missing, they only assume a serial killer is at work, fearing for their lives.

Though the odd part is that exactly twenty-four hours following each kidnapping, an unknown teenager appears that looks exactly like the original, claiming to be the missing one. Only few don't believe it, but when the IDs and documents begin to match up, they're at a loss of explanation. 

Once the odd teenagers' disappearances stop, they think the menace may have finally left. But when another disaster strikes the town, the population may have no other choice than to step up and face whatever power is at work, or suffer the consequences.

  • disappearances
  • facsimile
  • girl
  • missing
  • mystery
IVCAT4 IVCAT4 Dec 19, 2011
Where the heck is the rest of this story. We are dying here!
ImForCoffee ImForCoffee Dec 17, 2011
Wow this is very interesting, I'm usually not all into sci-fi but this is pretty good. I've never even heard of anything remotely like this. This is very, very good. I hope you keep writing and never stop you have indisputable talent.
MarineLynn MarineLynn Dec 17, 2011
I really like how you wrote this. It was written so well that I was totally into it. I'll be reading more!
KatieGracexox KatieGracexox Dec 17, 2011
Wow great plot and really well written. i spotted no mistakes what so ever and i really enjoyed this chapter. Well done! :)
avidreader98 avidreader98 Dec 17, 2011
Oh wow, I like this a lot so far!  I'm starting to really get into Sci Fi books, because a lot of great reads come from them, and this book is just more proof of that!  
                              Great beginning; it really grasps the reader's attention and makes them want to continue reading!  Which is what I'll be doing!
xXLoveEztrellaXx xXLoveEztrellaXx Sep 30, 2011
Wow, this is incredible. Intriguing and mysterious--really pulls the reader in. I want to know what's gonna happen next! lol, I'm def adding to library...post soon, this is great! :)