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Karina Halle By khalle Updated Jul 28, 2016


"If life is but a dream, wake me up." - Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Queens of the Stone Age

"What if you could look right through the cracks?
 Would you find yourself afraid to see?"- Right Where it Belongs

Nine Inch Nails

Chapter One

I wake up with a gasp that freezes in my lungs.

My body is strained, nearly paralyzed, a start contrast to my heart that races erratically inside my chest, as if looking for a way out.

It was the noise that woke me. 

That same noise, night after night.

One knock.

Two knock.

Three knocks.

Like someone's at my door, even though they never are.

I wait, trying to suck the air deep into my lungs, realizing I couldn't move even if I tried. There's nothing else to do but wait and hope my heart calms down and I don't die from a fucking heart attack.

It's in your head, I tell myself. You know this. You looked it up.

But after growing up with a sister like Perry Palomino, it's hard to know what's in your head and what's real. I m...

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