Take control ❅ Kellic

Take control ❅ Kellic

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Vic doesn't care about school, all he cares about is his reputation; which includes sleeping around, drinking, smoking, etc... 

Kellin cares about his grades, friends, family; He has big dreams. 

After kellin attends his first ever party - hosted by Vic - he experiences many things he hasn't before.

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High school for me is about who lives what bands and killing the people who say bands are bad 😊
I thought of some unknown juice or soda that nobody knew the name of so everyone just calls it blue drink.
For me high school is, sleeping in, staying up late and selling my soul to bands oh yeah and wasting my life wow
I'm in high school and I had to stay late to practice for a play with four 10th graders and a 8th grader and they were talking about sex and guys and I'm just there like: hi.
aklr1609 aklr1609 Sep 30
Roses are Red
                              Thorns are Prickly
                              Must I Say
                              That Escalated Quickly
SadSpaceBoy SadSpaceBoy Nov 02
I was honestly expecting all this crazy sh it when entering high school but like? It's literally like a safe space?? Crazy 'cause it's public school lmao, still fcked up sh it happening but y'know