Take control ❅ Kellic

Take control ❅ Kellic

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Vic doesn't care about school, all he cares about is his reputation; which includes sleeping around, drinking, smoking, etc... 

Kellin cares about his grades, friends, family; He has big dreams. 

After kellin attends his first ever party - hosted by Vic - he experiences many things he hasn't before.

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stickcheese66 stickcheese66 Sep 22, 2017
I thought of some unknown juice or soda that nobody knew the name of so everyone just calls it blue drink.
Danny_Blac Danny_Blac Feb 28
This is what I tell my friends but then I abandon them at the few [school] parties I go to.
It sucks because high school never ends. 
                              *crawls back into trashcan playing high school never ends*
Roses are red
                              Violets are not blue
                              That escalated quickly
aklr1609 aklr1609 Sep 30, 2017
Roses are Red
                              Thorns are Prickly
                              Must I Say
                              That Escalated Quickly
Band_Bitch_ Band_Bitch_ Dec 25, 2017
I always say " I dont have friends. I have people who I hate, but tolerate and hang out with"