Take control ❅ Kellic

Take control ❅ Kellic

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Vic doesn't care about school, all he cares about is his reputation; which includes sleeping around, drinking, smoking, etc... 

Kellin cares about his grades, friends, family; He has big dreams. 

After kellin attends his first ever party - hosted by Vic - he experiences many things he hasn't before.

vllowe vllowe Oct 05, 2016
Wait I'm in 8th grade is this really how high school is cause I live in a really small town
TellAllYourFriends TellAllYourFriends Jun 04, 2016
                              WITH WHOS THE BST DRESSED AND WHOS HAVING SEX
                              WHOS GOT THE MONEY
                              WHO GETS THE THE HONEYS
                              WHOS KINDA CUTE AND WHOS JUST A MESS
                              HIGH SCHOOL NEVER ENDS
                              AND HERE WE GO AGAIN
                              Bowling for Soup, anyone?
SoullessMundanes SoullessMundanes Jun 04, 2016
Then why invite him if you don't want him corrupt. It's a highschool party for crying out loud