Take control ❅ Kellic

Take control ❅ Kellic

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Vic doesn't care about school, all he cares about is his reputation; which includes sleeping around, drinking, smoking, etc... 

Kellin cares about his grades, friends, family; He has big dreams. 

After kellin attends his first ever party - hosted by Vic - he experiences many things he hasn't before.

vllowe vllowe Oct 05
Wait I'm in 8th grade is this really how high school is cause I live in a really small town
                              WITH WHOS THE BST DRESSED AND WHOS HAVING SEX
                              WHOS GOT THE MONEY
                              WHO GETS THE THE HONEYS
                              WHOS KINDA CUTE AND WHOS JUST A MESS
                              HIGH SCHOOL NEVER ENDS
                              AND HERE WE GO AGAIN
                              Bowling for Soup, anyone?
LiveBright LiveBright Jun 04
Then why invite him if you don't want him corrupt. It's a highschool party for crying out loud
I’ve got two pickles i’ve got two pickles, i’ve got two pickles today .. hey hey.. a doo daaa dii daa doo da day!.. i’ve got two pickles today! hey hey!