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From a Cullen to a Mikaelson *Klaus LS* (Twilight x TVD )

From a Cullen to a Mikaelson *Klaus LS* (Twilight x TVD )

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#Alboe_Kay By whyworry01 Completed

Skyler Cullen is Renesmee's twin. The forgotten one. When the Volturi comes after the Cullen's Carlisle calls an old friend to come help. The Mikaelson's. When they do Klaus and Skyler grow close too each other and become very protective over each other. but when Skyler father suddenly 'loves' her things change. will she choose the Mikaelson's who love her with all there heart or the Cullen's when her own mother doesn't really like her and her aunt and father hate her with a burning passion.

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The fact that she is so much smaller than Nessie, covered in bruises and doesn't like blood should give the game away about who caused all that damage to Bella
lbraun09 lbraun09 Dec 24, 2016
No one should hate their own child. Unbelievable! Children are a gift not a curse!
Glad Rosalie and Emmett are going to get the chance to be parents... they deserve it
Edward is such a dick. I guess that is where Nessie gets it from
harryssweetiepi harryssweetiepi Dec 22, 2016
Well if we're being honest Nessie is actually the one that killed you because she has vampire strength and drinks blood. But let's pushed that aside and blame the one who only eats human food,is bruised, small and weak. Because logics
Jungkook_love_123 Jungkook_love_123 Nov 28, 2016
That's just stupid, if Nessie almost killed Bella then and they pretty much already knew that she was going to die y don't they hate nessie