Shattered {House_Owner X Reader}

Shattered {House_Owner X Reader}

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Elizabeth By Scattered_Memories Completed

Broken  Chronicles book 2

After a crazy year, I'm finally going to see Ross again. I missed him so much. We did a long distance relationship. I will finally move to Washington and see the love of my life. But will everything go as planned.

With me it never does. But I hope for once in my fast moving life, everything will slow down. Just enough for me to catch my breath. I love Ross, but does he truly know? He fixed my shattered heart, I am still wondering, will my fragile heart break once more

ROSS!!!!! JIN'S HERE KISSING (Y/N)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now he's a 
Im-A-Fan-Gurl Im-A-Fan-Gurl 6 days ago
I had on a black shirt, black leggings, my combat , and a black button up. I left my black hair down. I put a black bow in my hair.😝😂
*me reaction*
                              *le kick jin* le what the hell
                              Jin: rosss got le first i love le
                              Me: *le kick in da dick balls and le knock him out le kisses max* ross i break up wit u max mine now
- - Mar 30
Uh.. Sorry, but can you make a chapter where Y/N thinks Ross' cheated by him ACTUALLY kissing a different girl? DONT HATE ME!! AHH!
Immortalsfan1 Immortalsfan1 3 days ago
Jess actually records from her house because Jason helps edit the stuff