Damned Pure-blood Royals [Book #2 of the Damned Series; Completed]

Damned Pure-blood Royals [Book #2 of the Damned Series; Completed]

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Book #2 of the Damned series.
     With Juliet's return, everything is flipped upside down. Still weak from her revert to her true form, she may not heal the wounds inflicted on her with her own sword, being wielded by the same man who killed the royal family years before. Phoenix (Ashborne), the crowned prince, scrambles to save her while trying to find the one who did it. Klaus attempts to finish what he started without being discovered. Will Phoenix succeed in saving the girl he had missed so dearly, or will Klaus succeed in his rise to power? The Kingdom of the Vampire's fate lies on Juliet, if she survives...
     Ok, same deal as last time. Please read book one first, Damned Pure-blood Prince. None of the pictures/videos are mine unless otherwise stated, updates sporadically, I like the feedback, so on and so forth. Warning. Will include but are not limited to: vulgar language, dark themes, strong themes, abuse, depression, and a lot of blood.  Thanks for reading.

As of now highest ranking: #18 in 'Vampire' (4-13-16) (413!) (Thanks guys!)

COMPLETED (36 parts.)
This is the second book of the Damned series.
Book #1 Damned Pure-blood Prince
Book #2 Damned Pure-blood Royals

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I need some form of redemption for his disgusting acts towards her. Just because he realized who she was he's kind? Uh uh 😑
xAngelTears xAngelTears May 20, 2016
How did they not notice it was her to begin with,I'm confused..
that_petrichor that_petrichor Dec 20, 2016
Reading this series for the 2nd time and still, enjoying it!
Damain_ho Damain_ho Mar 31, 2016
I like her name ♡♡♡ Juliet Lockhart 
                              Especially her last name ♡♡♡
MeepdoesMCthewizard MeepdoesMCthewizard Dec 20, 2016
Thanks for reading it the first time. Each read really does matter. Thank you.
PaulaCumberland PaulaCumberland Apr 10, 2016
I'm so glad you decided to continue on with this series. I'm really loving this