The Four - Book 2

The Four - Book 2

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book_fann By book_fann Updated Mar 29, 2017

BOOK 2 ( check out book 1  )

They passed the test.

Although the test isn't over. Not until they finish the final. 

Lana, Paytah, Aira, and Juris have passed the test, although now the world hates them. Everyone wants them dead. 

Well, some do. Some don't.

These four teens have caused the US to split into two groups, ones that want the elements together, and those that don't.

The teens are preparing for war, but struggle to find out what Hanson is exactly doing, and why he is letting the world split apart. 

They find out that this test may not be over. 

And they also find out they are possibly the everything.

  • action
  • adventure
  • dystopia
  • dystopian
  • elements
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maddy1lol maddy1lol Aug 11, 2017
Hmm okay -packs bag and steals bus keys-  okay stay calm stay calm -waits for others to get on bus to go and destroy the foster family- Deep breaths, you already see people running towards the bus.
itsyahotstuff itsyahotstuff Apr 20, 2017
all around me are familiar faces...worn out places, worn out faces...
SciFy__ SciFy__ Jan 10, 2016
Really excited for this!! When will you be posting chapters?
Red-Thread Red-Thread Jan 10, 2016
I can't wait! I feel like a needy Kid when it comes to your books. Just can't Get enough :)