Safe With Me

Safe With Me

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Phenix Storm By Dragoneellover1103 Updated Oct 11

A young boy was bullied by his village his whole life. Everyday after every beating he took, he still had that goofy smile plastered on his face. He put up with it for years. Suddenly a chance shows up that offers him the opportunity of a lifetime. A way to escape.

Will he take this chance?

I do not own Naruto. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto not me. Understand? NOT ME!!!!!!! I also do not own the images in this book. They belong to their respected owners. Hope you enjoy the book!

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Boi that's his own son y would he kill him, he should of killed u for beating his son, man I wish he was here and Kushina I want Kushina the most because she would go off on y'all for hurting her baby boy
And here, in those 6 words, we can see just how stupid people can be...just burn them all already.
nats15u nats15u Jul 24
Bicth why you hit him for and no he is never going to be a fuckin asshloe
But the path of life is not straight. It has many twist and turns, bumps, hills, mountains, oceans, and forks. We can follow the path or make our own.
Who'd want to be an emo duck haired idiot? I have nothing against emo's. Their awesome. But seriously who'd be like him? Again if you cosplay him I don't care. I I'm talking about this fanfiction not anime. Like someone from yesterday thought. Just clarifying. Sorry if it's long.
VeggieStick VeggieStick Jul 30
Now I know, that if I ever commit suicide. I'll climb up Sasuke's ego and jump down to his common sense.......