Safe With Me

Safe With Me

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Phenix Storm By Dragoneellover1103 Updated Oct 11, 2016

A young boy was bullied by his village his whole life. Everyday after every beating he took, he still had that goofy smile plastered on his face. He put up with it for years. Suddenly a chance shows up that offers him the opportunity of a lifetime. A way to escape.

Will he take this chance?

I do not own Naruto. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto not me. Understand? NOT ME!!!!!!! I also do not own the images in this book. They belong to their respected owners. Hope you enjoy the book!

¤Bring on the Destruction¤
♥ Phenix Storm♥

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Miu_Honda Miu_Honda Jan 15
Who else has Blonde hair and blue eyes aside from the Yamanaka's???
how could no one in this damn fcking village have ever tried to stand for naruto... i can’t understand it, really.
PastelMuffins PastelMuffins Jul 15, 2017
No sweetheart have fox ears and a tail and god jam it! EMBRACE IT!
_BTS_LIFE0831_ _BTS_LIFE0831_ Dec 03, 2017
Seriously do you villagers have no brains if you weren’t  being f*cknutts then I’d at least think you would have enough common sense to realize that the fourth is his dad
TheGodsWarrior TheGodsWarrior Jun 26, 2017
Hey guys if anyone gets Oil, I have fire, so we can BLOW THESE FUCKERS TO HELL!
kurocchir27 kurocchir27 Jan 29
Duh you people are an idiots. Why would his father kill him *rolls eyes*