Making my way

Making my way

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Daphy By BoxOfHappyStars Updated Mar 01, 2017

Join Lucy on her adventure to True Cross Academy as she learns more about being an
Exorcist and her hidden potential.

(Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or Blue Exorcist credits go to rightful owners)

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ShippingGoddess4 ShippingGoddess4 4 days ago
I always sleep or read in class and never got in trouble!!!!
PGLovely PGLovely May 16, 2017
Behold forI, the great and powerful reader, have constructed the perfect strategie..... sleep with your eyes open!
cutiebolts1000 cutiebolts1000 May 13, 2017
Making my way down town, walking fast faces past and I'm home now.
Zyra_Takamashi Zyra_Takamashi Mar 09, 2017
It looks like Lisanna saying in her head. 
                              IF THUS BITCH (LUCY) DOESNT GET AWAY FROM ME. Like look at her eyebrows and her smile.
zoey0610 zoey0610 Oct 13, 2016
Me: And how many times do I have to tell you to LET ME SLEEP!
Insane_Shy_Fairy Insane_Shy_Fairy Jan 10, 2017
I don't really pay attention I just doodle on a lot and I mean A LOT of post-its