One Step at a Time: A Scorpion Fanfic

One Step at a Time: A Scorpion Fanfic

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Marinette Finch By Scorpion_Fangirl Updated Apr 07, 2016

They saved and had provide protection for her. For a service like that almost nothing can be as valuable as their services. Except her input. 
They say nothing. They express their feelings momentarily to others. 
Though the feelings are never clearly declared. 

But with all of the walls and shields they all put up, 
To hide their emotions,
She sees through all of them,
Though she's not one of them,
She's the definition of the complete opposite,
She's not a genius nor is she exactly normal.

Will they learn to understand,
The world,
Or will they always be stuck in their worlds forever.

All Scorpion characters belong to CBS

This is just after episode 15 season 2

This replaces the Linda and Walter date episode (sorry)

4/22/16 - # 384 in action (sorry just was so excited)

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