Falling for the Pilot {Poe Dameron x Reader}

Falling for the Pilot {Poe Dameron x Reader}

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(Y/N) grew up on Yavin 4 with her mother and abusive father before being abandoned by both at a young age. She always had a dream to join the Rebel Alliance as a pilot, but gave it up realizing she had no chance. One day (Y/N) befriends the son of a former Rebel pilot and soldier, Poe Dameron. Having experience with flying a Rebel ship thanks to his parents, Poe teaches (Y/N) the basics of being a pilot.

Eventually, Poe leaves to join the Rebellion. (Y/N) moves to Malastare and becomes a Podracer. Unfortunately, Malastare is taken over by the First Order. (Y/N) is found to be a Rebellion supporter and confined by the First Order. 

Lucky for her, about a month later, the Resistance takes down the First Order once and for all. (Y/N) is rescued and brought back to the Rebel base on D'Qar where she joins as a pilot. But when she is reunited with Poe and he is assigned to teach her, things could get interesting.

*TRIGGER WARNING: This story touches on abuse, though it will only graced over (not going into much detail)*

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