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Makara Family X (M/F) Grub Reader

Makara Family X (M/F) Grub Reader

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Beyond Vergil By DMC3Vergil Completed

Your (E/C) eyes opened, a tiny yawn escaped from you. The sun slowley rose, light shined through your room. You let out a little (Your own sound/Honk/Squeak), crawling forward. You waren't paying any attention and fell, your back hit the floor. You struggled to get on your little legs, black needle like legs moving around. After a while of struggling, you were now upright. Crawling to the half opened door, entering the hallway. You heard someone coming towards your direction, hiding behind a large vase. You watched as Gamzee walked passed, he let out a yawn and stracthed the back of his head. You left your hiding spot, giggling as you kept crawling away. You gave out a surprised squeak, someone had picked you up. Looking up, Kurloz held you in his arms as he kept on walking. He walked downstairs, you giggled and laughed as he tickled your belly. He sat you down on the counter, Kurloz turned towards the frig. As his back was turned, you quickly climbed down. You left the kitchen.......

//As much as I liked that show, I'd rather have SPN, Sherlock, or Doctor Who on.