Monarchy - Harry Styles au

Monarchy - Harry Styles au

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The world is different now; ruled by four different reigns. 

Harry Styles, the ruthless king of Serentile, captivating green eyes, tousled dark hair, said to have no capability to love, wields absolute authority. 

Melody, soon to be queen of Ellenia, the most exquisite woman you'd ever lay eyes on; brave, adamant and determined to put her people's needs above her own, never mind the circumstances.

Never in her life has she considered their paths meeting a possibility, seeing they were different in every way. However, when war breaks out, the ground becoming greasy with gore, everything turning into a maze of destruction - that sentiment is rendered short lived.

Cover by @JonasKryptonite

"mister i... make a man out of youuuuuuuu." 😂  my first thought haha