Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanfiction

Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanfiction

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"Please come with me, Opal, I cant leave you here!" Kit screamed down the tunnel. I shook my head.

"Promise you'll come back for me." I said and a tear fell down my cheek. I began closing the door, letting them escape so I could be the distraction for when the guards come. 

"No, Opal! Please." He cried. I shut the door and locked it with the key I slipped off Sister Jude. Before I did I heard him yell. 

"I promise."

** A Kit Walker Fanfiction **

Oh, hey. It's Anna, from The Uninvited. Seems like the actress is popular when it comes to horror.
juliette_musician juliette_musician Oct 31, 2016
Googled at the mention of her family getting murdered WTF YO! "WHY TF YOU LYIN!? WHY YOU ALWAYS LYIN?! MMMM OMAGAWD, STOP FÜCKIN LYIN!"
I just slowly look at him "soooooo, Nice weather we're  having huh?"
I think the only guy to ever call me pretty would be my dad and he kinda has to lol
Brave13_15 Brave13_15 Aug 22, 2016
I read your JPM fanfic!! I'm so excited to see what you've done with this one!!!