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Soul Mates (Tori Kelly)

Soul Mates (Tori Kelly)

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AshleighCarter1 By AshleighCarter1 Updated Feb 16

In one's life, they will have many different kinds of soul mates, but if they're lucky enough, one of those soul mates will also happen to be the love of their lives. For most people, they don't meet them until later on in life, but for a few, like Tori and Lynnon, they were right there in front of them since the very beginning.

Lexani_96 Lexani_96 Apr 10, 2016
They need to get together in like 2.5 seconds, I love their chemistry!!
Lexani_96 Lexani_96 Nov 26, 2016
Rereading this again and I love how oblivious Tori is to her feelings.... guuurrrrrlll you is so in love with herrrr
Lexani_96 Lexani_96 Nov 26, 2016
If this isn't enough for Tori to see for herself that she loves Lynnon.... idk what is
That remind me of that video where the little girl was playing hopscotch
Lexani_96 Lexani_96 Nov 26, 2016
That's a good one! 😂 but I do have to admit I laughed at the oink ment one too
KittyKatt91 KittyKatt91 Jan 19, 2016
Found ur story by accident..and i love it *.* keep doing your thing.. i will follow u :)