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Shock // Snowbarry

Shock // Snowbarry

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Elly :) By xellyjoyx Completed

Barry Allen is an ordinary forensic scientist at the Central City Police Department. He was in his lab watching the news during a thunderstorm as the Particle Accelerator was being turned on. Everything started going bad, the power was cut and the Particle Accelerator. The Particle Accelerator unleashed unknown energy that hit Barry. Nine Months later he woke up with super speed. With the help of his friends at S.T.A.R Labs he became Central City's superhero, The Flash. Barry slowly started falling for Caitlin, a girl apart of Team Flash and his personal doctor, but never had the nerve to tell her. One day his secret slips out and it comes as a shock.

Warning - This was my first book so it's really bad and all over the place

"This is the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with YOUUuu. OOHHhhh." (Continue it if you know it)
Of course you love her, finally seeing what every else is seeing
BanesSkywalker BanesSkywalker Jun 20, 2016
Yes i want Snowbarry to happen in the show but does it noo the damm freackin writers wont let that happen and Iris has to get in the way ughh!
xIron_S xIron_S Aug 19, 2016
I am not trying to be insensitive in any way whatsoever and I respect all religions and respect those who believe in them but why thank gods instead of thank god. I swear I am just curious as to why and if don't feel comfortable talking about it I understand. I am just curious.
awesomegirl105 awesomegirl105 Aug 24, 2016
oh my gosh finally I found a Baitlin story, I call them Baitlin!
padfoot1197 padfoot1197 May 31, 2016
Same i wish snowbarry could happen but NOPE DAMN IRIS HAS TO GET IN THE FRICKING WAY AND RUIN IT whyy