69 Dares (18+)

69 Dares (18+)

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#22 Romance on 18/02/2016
He watched her with hawk like eyes and she shivered in both fear and excitement. This was wrong on so many levels but it was tempting. She couldn't stop herself.
"Come on Veronica. It's just me. Remove your shirt." He ordered in that low, masculine tone of his. 
Shyly, she raised her arms up and pulled the shirt slowly up her skin. She heard him groan and that made hot waves of pleasure run throughout her body and then finally in between her legs, making her clench her thighs tighter.

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*Content Warning : Adult content! Lots of &mut! Stop right here if you don't read that stuff!*

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ErinCollins101 ErinCollins101 5 days ago
I've only read 3 paragraphs so far and I'm already laughing. Lol
okokalisha okokalisha 3 days ago
We just looked at each other confused cause we didn't have an answer to why we were on
one time i connected with my friend and we were just so confused why we were both on omegle
shoobari shoobari Aug 04
lol some horny fvckers were on omegle. skinny dicks flashing around and shitt
yup_its_mme yup_its_mme Aug 07
                              also, that last sentence :P lol
Nanakoko33 Nanakoko33 Jul 24
Just a bunch of ugly people showing me their tiny dics 😂😂😂