A Lovely Nightmare

A Lovely Nightmare

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Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated Apr 09

For years, Amelia was plagued by the monster inside her closet.

When she leaves for college, the nightmares of her childhood resurface to torment her once again.

But, what if the thing she always thought was her imagination, turns out to be the only thing that was ever truly real?

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- - Aug 12, 2017
I can see this poor innocent little girl laying in bed wishing all of these things.  How heartbreaking.
                              -Tepes #IronLaceAwards
i like this version, but i thought the other version was interesting, why did you stop with that one?
bageur bageur Jul 05, 2017
The prologue has captivated me ! And I usually avoids scarry stories.
aakiira15 aakiira15 Sep 20, 2017
my mom says that when i tell her i love her so i reply that i love her most, she never gets that i'm quoting tangled to her (even though its her favorite movie)
Don't say that girl! I'm someone who gets scared of her own breathing at night 😂😂😂
ZonderZorg ZonderZorg Mar 07
I love the way you open this with the scene in the doctor's office. Then you take us through his doubts and those of her mother. The escalation of her terror in the bed is gripping. The closet and then her mother's reaction pose questions readers will want to be answered. A great page-turner.