A Lovely Nightmare

A Lovely Nightmare

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Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated 33 minutes ago

Amelia spent her whole life believing she was crazy.

Ever since she was a little girl she has been plagued by a monster in her closet.

When Amelia leaves home for college the nightmares of her childhood come back to haunt her once again.

But what if the thing she has been told her whole life was her imagination...

Turns out to be the only thing that is truly real

Ok ok wierd creature! We got it! The closet is all yours! :)))
How old is she? 6 or maybe 7...? Just curious.
                              PS: Good job! ;)
tiger_dm tiger_dm Jul 19
Wow, I read the first bit late last night but chickened and read the rest this morning. Lol
- - Mar 01
Wow mom let me die on the room with the thing in the closet does your daughter even know how to write yet and if so do you know your daughters hand writing
aphroditedd aphroditedd May 13
Omfg the hair all over my body is standing up these descriptions really hit home. I know exactly what you're getting at like the pressure behind the eyes and stuff. Great job!
FireAngel105 FireAngel105 Dec 17, 2015
Im always scared of wat could be under my bed, even though i know nothing can physically fit under my bed.
                              I've always just been creeped out about it