A Lovely Nightmare

A Lovely Nightmare

142K Reads 2.3K Votes 6 Part Story
Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated Sep 28

Amelia has hallucinations of terrifying proportions.

She knows they're not real, that she's crazy.

When she moves away from home, things take an unexpected turn, and Amelia is thrown into a world she never could have imagined.

Secrets are revealed, discoveries are made, and Amelia must fight back to end her suffering once and for all.

She didn't know she'd have help.

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I can see this poor innocent little girl laying in bed wishing all of these things.  How heartbreaking.
                              -Tepes #IronLaceAwards
bageur bageur Jul 05
The prologue has captivated me ! And I usually avoids scarry stories.
*when you remember that you are a giant baby who gets freaked out at wrong numbers, much less amazingly written horror stories*
aakiira15 aakiira15 Sep 20
my mom says that when i tell her i love her so i reply that i love her most, she never gets that i'm quoting tangled to her (even though its her favorite movie)
JMRiddles JMRiddles May 20
Never gonna give you up
                              Never gonna let you down
                              Never gonna run around and desert you
                              sorry, that just popped into my head lol
Awe poor kid, and Mother! I don't even want to think about someone ever calling " child services " on me!! That has to be the scariest situation when your not guilty of it! For parents and kids. 😳😢