A Lovely Nightmare

A Lovely Nightmare

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Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated a day ago

(Highest rated #19 in paranormal 12/31/16!!)

Amelia spent her whole life believing she was crazy.

Ever since she was a little girl she has been plagued by a monster in her closet.

When Amelia leaves home for college the nightmares of her childhood come back to haunt her once again.

But what if the thing she has been told her whole life was her imagination...

Turns out to be the only thing that is truly real

In my age, it really gives me the creeps. How much more for a child? Tsk Tsk 
                              Just don't bother ask for my age.
Melindas_legend Melindas_legend Oct 04, 2016
Ok ok wierd creature! We got it! The closet is all yours! :)))
jaspered jaspered Feb 03
i literally got rid of all of my old dolls once i saw the trailer for annabelle, nuh uh i don't mess with demons
OML I don't think I can ever handle a nightmare. If it's a really bad one I think I'll stay up until I get my courageousness back
Melindas_legend Melindas_legend Oct 04, 2016
How old is she? 6 or maybe 7...? Just curious.
                              PS: Good job! ;)
voidskaikru voidskaikru Feb 09
ok first of all, this seems like a really long prologue. but that's not necessarily bad