A Lovely Nightmare

A Lovely Nightmare

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Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated 5 days ago

(Highest rated #19 in paranormal 12/31/16!!)

Amelia spent her whole life believing she was crazy.

Ever since she was a little girl she has been plagued by a monster in her closet.

When Amelia leaves home for college the nightmares of her childhood come back to haunt her once again.

But what if the thing she has been told her whole life was her imagination...

Turns out to be the only thing that is truly real

                              This was a good start to your story. It built up enough tension to leave me interested, and you described the scenes with a good amount of detail (neither did they carry on for too long, nor did it feel lacking). 
                              I hope to learn more about this!
Aw, she's just a smol child! I really wasn't expecting her to be that young.
Just a small correction: Use three ellipses (. . .) instead of two. ☺
This is a great paragraph! It really helps build the suspense.
Ah, medicine. The thing that's meant to cure you but instead brings you to depend more on it.
6BlueRoses 6BlueRoses Mar 04
                              Oh my god! It was so scary. It was nice how you put the little girls thoughts out there. I'm gonna read the whole book! Please update and complete it soon! Good job wendy .!