How Long?

How Long?

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Billionaire Bella By FEARLES-NIKKI30 Updated Oct 07, 2017

Stephanie McMahon,
Stephanie is the principal owner of WWE and is highly liked,everybody respects her,because come on let's face it,she is always there to help and is always nice to you
She's married to COO TripleH or Paul Levesque
But nobody even knows that,she kept there relationship a secret for the past twenty two years and they share four kids,but still nobody knows
they kept there relationships a secret to protect her family,his family,themselves and most importantly there four daughters,Anna age 15,Aurora age 9,Murphy age 7,Vaughn age 5
I bet your wondering how nobody has ever caught on,well there just simply that good,they play the romantic couple on screen,split backstage and meet at there private airport to fly home 

His best friends don't know and neither do hers and they work all together 
The question is how long does it stay a secret when...there three youngest beauties want to go to work with mommy and daddy as the mini me's,so when they surrender thinking it would work,but knowing there gut would tell them otherwise,so they go and what just happens when,his parents turn up,the three mini me's decide to cause mayhem and put there parents in the most awful situation possible,but of course are to young to realise the problems
Can the superstars really see past it and see the love they have? 
Can they keep it a secret when their daughter that supposedly 'died' turns up and is now almost sixteen?  

Well let's just hope they understand the love between the couple and the bond they have together and hope that nobody tries to convince them otherwise...
They go through everyday like a normal family,dealing with struggles and problems,both personally and professionally,follow their lives in and out of business,see the moments,the memories,the happiness,the anger,see it all...

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