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Dissed - An Amedot fanfic

Dissed - An Amedot fanfic

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Peggy Turtle By Turtlescanwrite Updated Dec 07, 2016

"You're such a clod."
"Heh well you're such a prissy, green nerd."
"You're short."
"Well you're shorter."
"Well you're-
"-you're a chip."
"Ugh! You're supposed to pause in order for me to make my rebuttal!"
"Actually, I don't have to do anything, got it Peri?"
"Argh! Why don't you play by... wait, you don't play by anyone's rules, do you?"

Peridot has a *lot* of things to learn about Earth. Could Amethyst be a good teacher or would they just cause utter chaos for the Gems? Find out in "Dissed" an Amedot fanfic.

Candymation Candymation Apr 24, 2016
Yeah Peri, we get it. Everything's annoying and you are in love
nocturnwoods nocturnwoods Oct 07, 2016
beautiful peice of work right here! peridot's perspective is so realistic and i just love it oml.