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bandh0e By bandh0e Updated Feb 15, 2014

[Completed] Savannah Roberts had a best-friend, Gavin Hudson. They were inseparable since diapers, heck,  inseparable is even an understatement for their friendship. 

Until Gavin started being teased because he was counted as a nobody in middle school; wore huge square glasses, tacky jeans and baggy polo shirts. At first he didn't let it get to him but it was all too much. When Savannah noticed this, she offered him a makeover which he accepted.
Three weeks later, Gavin changed, left Savannah and the makeover just led their fourteen year friendship flushed down the toilet. Gavin's now acting like  a cold jerk towards Savannah without a reason.

Now after two years of a Gavin-free and miserable life, he's back. 
He's back for good but will Savannah let him in again?

RyanNguyen7 RyanNguyen7 Apr 10, 2016
I don't see popularity such a big thing. You will only carry the "Popular" title in your high school life and that is it. It didn't even get a job or free scholarship to one of the Ivy League
Anonymous098Me Anonymous098Me Jun 02, 2016
Please try reading a small little part of my story !? Comment if you like so i can  continue the story.
AfraBeidar AfraBeidar Aug 19, 2015
I say, guys also get their periods, not physically, but mentally, but people never understand
xsabrinaxd xsabrinaxd Jul 17, 2015
love love love the cover photo, probably my favorite one so far
- - Apr 02, 2015
Wow, amazing beginning, had me hooked in the first paragraph, Amazing! :)
YourUnfortunateSouls YourUnfortunateSouls Dec 01, 2014
that awkward moment when you described my life and my name is Savannah.