Crown Me KING

Crown Me KING

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N E V E A By AuroraGolden Completed

This is Book 3...The first two books are Reality & Realitie's those first before you read this. 

Not a Sequel...But a Prequel to a whole new story. 

Cailan King Daniels Jr. is here to tell his own story. Now 17 years old and in his senior year of high school, this now all grown up man is ready to prove to the world exactly who he is. But after tragedy strikes his family hard, he is left with no choice but to live up to his notorious family name. Can he prove himself? Or will he forever be defined by his last name? 

New characters, New Story, A NEW KING.

  • family
  • love
  • realityseries
  • revenge
  • sequel
I'm rereading but I'm just now realizing how rude she was to him. If you dont like him then sis, move around 😭
MaBBSTERXX30013XDyoj MaBBSTERXX30013XDyoj Mar 03, 2017
Sweetie stop lying...especially to yourself's a bad habbit 💁👍😁
YaniSharie YaniSharie Jan 08, 2017
nah fr 😭 been here all my life & accent gets more country day by day