30 Day Smut Challenge // Frerard [editing]

30 Day Smut Challenge // Frerard [editing]

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30 days of porn whoops

I have people I know irl on wattpad and I've stopped giving a shit, why am I suddenly okay with ruining my life

(Btw Frank tops sorry to the ppl who think a little fairy man like Gerard tops fucking fRANK THE DADDY OF ALL DADDIES)


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i have this gay friend and i pull his hair in the hallway at school, sometimes i pull it so hard he actually moans :^)
me too honey,, I'll be there in a second, just let me fix my hair
I don't know why I'm sharing this but I was looking at pictures of Gerard's thighs before I read this
Okay. But I actually have Star Wars sheets from Target. 😂
-NaomiKane- -NaomiKane- Nov 03
Same Gee. Until I actually get in the shower or pool.  After that I don’t leave
Hey to all you non virgins out there, do they actually announce then they are about to jizz