Sweetest Sin [boy x boy]

Sweetest Sin [boy x boy]

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Oliver Bennett vs. Adrian Graham

Oliver Bennett was a computer nerd, a genius and a workaholic who didn't have time for anything besides his work. Till he laid eyes on the super sexy doctor, Adrian. He just had to have him.

Adrian Graham was married and very straight. He had his own demons but sailed through life as if all was well. Then he met the adorable Oliver Bennett and didn't know what hit him.

They knew it was wrong but they just couldn't get enough of each other. Theirs was an unquenchable lust!

(Cover by the amazing SuperSonicPaGer)

3nuMaz 3nuMaz Oct 26, 2016
they're are so cute and its so sad that they cant be out there for people to see, but the fact that he's a cheater is such a turn off i hate it
If you're not happy in a relationship, why stay with the person? Leave them and THEN do anything you want another person so you don't have to be guilty for cheating. I feel really bad for her.
SuperSonicPaGer SuperSonicPaGer Dec 27, 2016
Ooh I new story to read. What kind of emotions this story will make me feel. But I can already see the hatred for cheaters already.
yasholovescats yasholovescats Jul 13, 2016
I knew he was married from the moment I read that they were starting to feel guilty! MUHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT. I like being right
arikswsome87 arikswsome87 Oct 30, 2016
He has my last name he is married to me when this book is over.
SuperSonicPaGer SuperSonicPaGer Dec 27, 2016
Well what a nice way to start a novel. *start looking for lube* oh wait this might be a dream. Abort Mission.