Of Cheetahs and Wolves [Haitus 'till one day]

Of Cheetahs and Wolves [Haitus 'till one day]

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Taurus By StrangeBeings Updated Jun 24, 2016

Stiles moved from New York to Beacon Hills after he saw some hunters lurking around the area.  

His presence confuses the pack.  He smells like a Were, but not a wolf?  

Of course, Stiles try to avoid them at all cost, he doesn't want the knowledge that there's a werecheetah, an endangered species, residing in the small town, he is being hunted after all.

Of course Peter finds out.  And of course, the pack does too.

ShErLyLoCkSs ShErLyLoCkSs Jan 30, 2016
Ahhh a new book , always nice *gives you a banana* here have a banananananana
worldreader18 worldreader18 Jan 23, 2016
OMB, this is awesome. Can't wait for the next chapter <3 :) <3