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The Bad Boy vs. The Bad Girl {Watty Awards 2013}

The Bad Boy vs. The Bad Girl {Watty Awards 2013}

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Pluto By continued Completed

I whipped around to smell the scent of pine, cigarettes and mint. Amused grey eyes shined, and dark, shaggy, brown hair filled my vision. His hands were in his low, dark jeans, and his muscled chest puffed out of his white t-shirt, and black leather jacket. His smirk made me tense up.  "You." I glared.  "Me." He smiled.  The one person who could piss me off in a split second, the person who was the sole reason I am who I am today was leaning against one of the navy blue lockers.  The atomic bomb just exploded in my life.  And his name is Roman Quinn.

Everyone's saying how that's them and I'm like, "Bitch, did you keep replying to some poor persons tag (which wasn't even you btw) till it hit 1k replies (ignoring their desperate pleas to stop)! (I seriously doubt it!) 😤
Lmao rn 😂😂😂😂😂 gosh u really know how to start a story dont you 😂😂😂
heeeyyyy, that's my name and i am not like that thank you very much *hmph*
                              lol jk.
staceanator staceanator Apr 12
lol idk why but the fact that you spelled stacy with an ie makes me happy. that's how mine is spelled! nobody ever spells it this way😀
I'm just imagining Kellin Quinn right now. (it's a beautiful image)
OK. I just went through 3 thoughts after reading this.     1. Did he kill someone?!       2. Oh he must've been doing the dirty.     3. OHHHHHH! It was a prank!