.:Life:. A Resse and Zane fanfic

.:Life:. A Resse and Zane fanfic

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(•_•)7 yo By wolfmaster07 Updated Jul 16, 2016

Zane, a regular guy who doesn't really get along with...most people. Sometimes cross dresses. And loves MLP.

Resse, a guy from another dimension. Is a candy person. Also on the swim team. And loves romantic anything. (Books, movies, shows, etc)

Follow Zane and Resse through their life in the MyStreet universe.

((Characters belong to Aphmau)) 
((Art belongs to Tinykittendoll))
((If you wanna see more Zasse then go to my other book))

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festivepandagirl7890 festivepandagirl7890 Jun 24, 2017
I was reading a Reese x Kawaii~Chan book, and it said his face turned pink
surridgecourtney surridgecourtney Jun 25, 2016
What's the other book called for my sister ( hopes that no one findes out that she's a fangirl and wants to read the other book )
Copper_Tarte Copper_Tarte Dec 02, 2016
WHY MUST YOU BREAK THE FOURTH WALL!? Wait the fourth wall have already been broken.
Copper_Tarte Copper_Tarte Dec 02, 2016
I have never seen this ship! BUT TIME FOR A NEW SHIPPING SHRINE! YES!
0_the_expert_fangirl 0_the_expert_fangirl Aug 18, 2016
I was reading Zanvis and I came across this
                              Holy shįt I have never seen this ship before, 
                              I MUST READ ON!!
jade_the_mouse jade_the_mouse Nov 19, 2016
I ship Zane and rese because rese is pink and Zane is black
                              NO RACISIM WAS SUPPOSTO BE IN THAT SENTANCE