A Hot Nerd (a NEO fanfiction)

A Hot Nerd (a NEO fanfiction)

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H.F. Tanaid By hftanaid Completed

Hakyeon was from a rich family. He was a little bit of a brat, but he's nice on the inside.

One day he bumped into a nerd, Taekwoon. He hated that nerd.

Hakyeon's grades was going down and so they got the top one in their grade level to tutor him. That happened to be Taekwoon. 

How will Hakyeon's turn out to be?

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EonHayeon EonHayeon Nov 10, 2017
I'm sure even with braces and glasses Taekwoon would still have been good looking =@=
taekmylife taekmylife Jul 20, 2017
i seem to be the only one who can imagine him with braces and it's adorable tbh
puppybunnysquid puppybunnysquid Aug 17, 2017
If I said that to my mom......lord help us all....she's TERRIFYING when she's mad...
randrandrandme randrandrandme Jul 18, 2017
Why the heck is everyone seem to have those nightmares and I don't even dream about anything ? 😅
Pheonixes_league Pheonixes_league May 03, 2017
I once had a nightmare that my cousin had an accident and the three months later I got a call saying that he was involved in an accident I was so relieved that he survived with only minor injuries because in my dream he died and I attended his funeral......
xDangerousBeautyx xDangerousBeautyx Jul 18, 2016
if i have said this to my mom, i would have been dead by now 😹