A Hot Nerd (a NEo fanfic)

A Hot Nerd (a NEo fanfic)

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ロンリー著者 By nanabulsara Completed

Hakyeon was from a rich family. He was a little bit of a brat, but he's nice on the inside.

One day he bumped into a nerd, Taekwoon. He hated that nerd.

Hakyeon's grades was going down and so they got the top one in their grade level to tutor him. That happened to be Taekwoon. 

How will Hakyeon's turn out to be?

if i have said this to my mom, i would have been dead by now 😹
my mom has these kind of dreams, i kinda do to but i would probably forget it by the time i wake up
can't really see taekwoon with braces but still hakyeon, how the hell is he yuck? tell me boy
I sometimes have dreams in which the event doesn't take place for like 4 yrs
KamenRiderW KamenRiderW Oct 13
Hakyeon no!!! I had those same dreams right before my babies died. It doesn't make it your fault!
When it suddenly takes a turn for south and you weren't ready so you just fall with it *insert spongegar meme *