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Accidently Fell In Love With A Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)

Accidently Fell In Love With A Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)

31.3K Reads 817 Votes 9 Part Story
Midnight_wolf By midnight_wolf303 Updated Jun 20, 2016

(y/n) just moved to Paris with her brother Jake and her parents. But what happens when she meets a certain cat? Falls in love with a blonde and the cat? And one day becomes a hero herself???  Will she choose or will she find out?
Sorry i kinda suck with summaries but I promise the story is better 
This story might have some bad language/cussing. And maybe in the future it will have a lemon

- - Apr 17, 2016
Hah just like me only I'm still reading and not writing one lolz
DabKingBambam DabKingBambam Feb 14, 2016
The first time I watched it in the tv, and looked for it in my phone( for the first episode ) I fell in love
koonaNisMyDog koonaNisMyDog Sep 16, 2016
I don't like lemons, sorry. So if u put one could u just put a warning before it plz?
GamerwereKat GamerwereKat Jul 14, 2016
Man you please need to read homestuck and make miraculous crossover
RivaillaBlossom RivaillaBlossom Aug 04, 2016
That reminds me of when I moved out of France, I didn't care about my friends I was like: Astalavesta, bitches.
Sinful_Heart Sinful_Heart Jul 11, 2016
Tip, always capitalize the I's  
                              ^Sorry it's just a pet peeve of mine I  mean nothing by it