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Terrible By TerraTheTerrible Updated Dec 20, 2016

Blood Splattered against the wall as the sound of breaking glass echoed throughout the room. Burning eyes filled with anger stared down at the young child as they clutched their arm in their hand as red seeped through their small fingers. The child's eyes stared in shock at their father, who was usually more lenient towards the child.
        "It's your fault that woman left me!" The father snapped, pausing briefly before he continued on in his unleashed rage. "You seduced her, didn't you?" A mixed understanding lit in the child's young eyes and cause the father to chuckle cruelly as soon as he spotted the thing he was searching for. "Well, it's not my problem anymore." The father's voice was a scary calm in an ocean of chaos. "You are twelve years old already; you should be smart enough to figure out the rest." The child's eyes began to fill with unshed tears, a sign of weakness that only hardened their father's resolve. 
        "Wha-What do you mean?" The child's confusion was obvious as they stuttered out the last of their courage. The sound of a sickening cackle rang out in the eerie silence.
        "I've sold you."
      Currently being edited and re-posted in order to continue on with the story.

deadwolfs deadwolfs Nov 13, 2016
Okay at first I was confused but know I feel like Justin is an ässhole for leaving him alone in the room❤️
cluelesschipmunker cluelesschipmunker Jun 18, 2016
It happens to the best of us. Life is hectic and unpredictable. *sighs*
ggooll ggooll Sep 18, 2016
I like the story so far!
                              Keep up the good work author-chan<33333
ggooll ggooll Sep 18, 2016
Hmmmmm interesting indeed 
                              Well good work author-chan<33333
CrazyTravis1998 CrazyTravis1998 Jun 23, 2013
Can you continue I realy like it! I followed pease do it back!