Dare To Darling

Dare To Darling

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~Melting Loves~ By Priyaprajiii Updated Feb 28


This story explains the love chemistry between two persons from two different countries.
Daniel Watson, a young hot handsome & most powerful billionaire in New York & future CEO of Watson Enterprises Ltd. He doesn't believe in true love & within 26yrs of his life, he didn't love or make love with any girls even the hottest ones in his college. There has some reasons been hidden behind these, woahhh???

But his thought of being not to get into a true love with a girl & get married went wrong as he accidentally found his unknown hidden love, Susmitha Siya, 23year old daughter of one of his employees after awaiting of long thirteen years. She is an Indian beauty who looks gorgeous in almost fully covered modern casual dress. When he takes over the company from his father, he would like to offer her a job so as to get her even more closer, as she was trying herself to stay away from him on because of a small misunderstanding on about him.

So will she accept his job offer?

Wil he dare to clear her misunderstandings on about him??

Will he get her to know more closer???

Does she feel to fall in love with him????

To know the answers for these, you just click the save button above and Save it... Open it... Read it... Realize it... Enjoy it...


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