NejiTen - The Punishment (Rated M)

NejiTen - The Punishment (Rated M)

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Niomi Bedingfield By Nimo-Neko Completed

How far would one go for a silly little secret?

How long will the lust last? 


A simple NejiTen smut that I created as a Christmas present. Enjoy!
Also, it says Rated M for a reason ;)

Wt fudge is goin on...i shoild have listened to the m rated part, but idc...i love these books.
After this tenten will never make smart remarks to neji ever again....thats what i would do. Matter of fact i wouldnt see him at all. Id avoid him for days.
RebekkaKing RebekkaKing Aug 05
Is this story a tenten and Lee ship thing or chuz why what's gnaa happen WAIT DONT TELL ME Lol
RebekkaKing RebekkaKing Aug 05
This is basically the Neji from another universe 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Dude...if i were in this situation...i would still be teasing him...jk...probably.
WHY AM I RE-READING THIS....!!! damn I.must of really like this book to re-read this