Lucy's Revenge

Lucy's Revenge

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Lucy Dragneel By jazzminnagano Updated Jan 16, 2016

When lisanna came back lucy became nothing her guild mates trow there magic to her and no one speak to her except wendy laxus mira gajeel romeo and exceeds....

Well find out what happened next better read thank you 

Good bye!!!

I am Filipino too!!! Though I'm horrible at speaking, I understand Tagalog and Cebuano very well
thetwinkims thetwinkims Mar 27
It's fine Filipino or not we are all humans so we have different talents and flaws
aulover1991 aulover1991 May 04
Im a philipino , but i always watch english ones , i even know every language ! Even sign language
DevilDragonSlayer DevilDragonSlayer Dec 16, 2016
Natsu!!! That's expected.
                              Gray?! How could you?! Oh wait- you did betray the guild by helping with the robot dragon project so expected as well.
                              But ERZA??!??!? I THOUGHT YOU HAD MORE PRIDE!!!!!
I'm Filipino too but I'm bad at speaking it though I can understand very well.
Sammypotatoe Sammypotatoe Nov 04, 2016
I'm a Filipino too but very bad at my Filipino speaking  any im sooo happy that there are other otakus in da Philippines anyways bye