Afraid of the Lights (Book 2 of Christmas in Bogotá)

Afraid of the Lights (Book 2 of Christmas in Bogotá)

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Mysty By MissMysteryGame Updated 6 days ago

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most screwed up one of all? After a mind-numbing tragedy and a psychedelic introspection of her own broken soul, a girl travels to the stars her destination--a strange world of witches, queer magic, and old technology in order to discover, and to kill, the man who ruined her once happy life upon a little planet called Earth.

This is a sequel to 'The Temperature of Frost', and is Book 2 of 12 of Christmas in Bogotá.

New part every other Sunday.

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This story I own; the chapter art I do not. The cover I designed.

Strange travels,

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You seriously deserve more views, at least 5 million would suffice
BrandyDeyo BrandyDeyo Feb 08
So excited! I was waiting for this and didn't realize it had already been posted 😍😍
Nothing quite like witches and blood to get one ready for a MMG novel.
GrazingCow GrazingCow Jan 16
I like how professional you are. Always on time with the best material.