Hidden Spring (The Modern Myth of Persephone)

Hidden Spring (The Modern Myth of Persephone)

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Sydney By writinginpen Updated Jan 17, 2016

The myth of Persephone is a well-known one in the world of Greek mythology. This story is a modern retelling of the myth.

	There is a legend that follows the story of Hades and Persephone. They say Hades was enamored by Persephone at first sight. So much so, that he asked her father, Zeus, for her hand in marriage. Knowing Demeter's predisposition toward Hades, he could not accept the offer. 

	However, he did not want to fuel the wrath of his brother before him, so he made an agreement with Hades. Zeus would turn Persephone into a mortal, temporarily, and if Hades could find and fall in love with Persephone's soul, and she would accept him wholly, he could marry her. There's a time limit, though, as Persephone's mortality casts a shadow over her father. If Hades does not find her and get her to fall in love with him by the time she is thirty, she will return to her mother and once again become immortal, freeing herself of any ties to the God of the Underworld.

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